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Jonathan & Ruth McCarty

Jonathan & Ruth McCarty

The Elijah Mandate - Jonathan & Ruth McCarty

 Vision:  To father an orphan generation through a display of God's love and seeing them equipped and established in their roles as Sons and Daughters.

 This ministry is about creating a legacy for a generation that those after us can say, "they turned the world upside down."  The verse in Acts 17:6, "Turning the world upside down" set our hearts as a burning flame of fire; this verse continues to speak to us today.  We see how the first apostles character was demonstrated in advancing the kingdom.  They operated not as a church but as a people who were sold out to God.  Those who were under them were enjoying privileges of being fathered spiritually by such men.

 The Elijah Mandate started in Mississippi as a local church ministry.  Though new in name, our journey to deliver an orphan generation began 10 years ago.  Our calling is to love the unloved, reach the unreachable and teach those who are deemed unteachable.  We believe this generation needs mothers and fathers who will rise up; take their hands and show them the passionate love of the Father.  Called to train, teach them and equip them so they can be a generation that rises above the status quo.  Release them in authority to go to the nations, love them, and break the chains of bondage.  Our hearts yearn to see a generation mandate delivered; so that the next generations can live in the longevity of the promises of the Lord.