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Academic Schools

Schools located in remote mountain areas offer education to the 4th grade. Students grow up with limited education and end up as laborers working in rice fields with no hope of a better future. GIWO raises funds to construct schools that stud…learn more »


Through God's grace, Denise and I have the opportunity to travel to remote areas in many nations, experiencing firsthand the sacrifice and hardships that many national ministers undergo. These ministers have counted the cost and have chosen t…learn more »


It is very unfortunate that children are abandoned and forced to live in the streets fending for themselves. We see the value and potential in each child and establish orphanages to give them a hope and a future. Orphanages give us the o…learn more »

Church Planting

Planting churches is our heart beat, there is no greater joy than to take the gospel to the unchurched remote mountain barrio's. Bible school students are sent to remote areas to share Christ as they organize community projects such as repair…learn more »

Training Centers

Equipping the Saints for the work of the ministry. Training Centers are established to train & equip young men and women in Biblical principles. Students are trained and sent out as a missionary to establish new outreaches…learn more »


Targeting remote areas, DayCares are established as an outreach of the church enabling young children to receive pre-schoo education, activities and one nourishing meal per day. DayCares assit needy families and provide a safe family environm…learn more »

Providing Resources Through Businesses

Through establishing businesses such as rice mills, rice farming, hog farms, fish farms, bakeries, etc..., outreaches are financially supported and need minimum outside financial assistance. We are working to have each outreach self supportin…learn more »

The National Outdoorsman Association (NOA)

NOA will be a working ranch / camp, reaching foster children living in state facilities in the United States. Resourcing the skills and values of Outdoorsmen across the nation, children will experience hunting, fishing, camping, craft worksho…learn more »

GIWO Resource Center

Businesses, corporations, and individuals often contact our office willing to donate supplies. We need a warehouse facility at least 6,000 sq. ft. to receive, sort, pack & ship the supplies.learn more »