Amazing Opportunity to Reach Tribal People

July 22, 2019 | Darrell Hutto

Can you imagine reaching approximately 23,000 unreached tribal people to Jesus?

Can you imagine planting churches in these unreached tribal villages?

Can you imagine these newly Born Again believers being trained to reach their own villages to Christ?

Denise and I have great news! It is happening now!

The doors have opened and Jesus Christ is touching hundreds of lives among the bukidnon tribal people. Tribal leaders are embracing Jesus and openly sharing their faith in Christ with other tribal leaders. We have been given an invitation to bring the Gospel to the entire Bukidnon tribal group, representing approximately twenty three thousand people. This open door demonstrates how God the Father is answering the cry of those hungry to know Truth.

Currently, tribal churches have been established in the barrios of Rizal Sur, Agpalali, and Nayawan of the Philippines. Our next church plant is scheduled in October in the barrio of Lahug. A Filipino mission team will be sent to Lahug for 1 1/2 months to share Christ with both adults and children, establish Bible studies, and build a native church. To send the team of 15 persons to Lahug cost $2,500 and includes their food, transportation, teaching aids, and church construction materials. Lahug has a population of approximately 347 adults. We will reach them with the Good News with your help!

We are renting a house in Tapaz that is centrally located currently being used as a Bible school to train the new believers. These new believers will go back to their tribes and establish new outreaches. This house being rented is only temporary. Property has been purchased in Tapaz, Capiz to build a permanent facility called the Indigenous People Multi-purpose Training Center or Tapaz Tribal Center. This facility has been overwhelmingly approved by the Tribal Council and will be a conference center and most importantly a Bible Training Center to raise up leadership. The Tribal Center will enable qualified instructors to be brought in to teach Land & Crop Management, Hygiene, and developing cultural handicrafts that can be sold for their livelihood.

Construction is now in progress. The Tribal Center is key to raising up leadership to reach the Bukidnon tribal people. Will you partner with us to complete this facility? The total remaining budget needed is $59,000. The land has been purchased, water well dug, footings and columns have been poured. Every love gift, large or small, makes a difference! With all our hearts, we humbly thank you for every love gift!

Your tax-deductible donation can be mailed to:

Grace International, P.O. Box 1952, Laurel, MS 39441 OR donate online at

With all our hearts, thank you for your love and support to complete the Tribal Center. The destiny of souls rest in our obedience to reach them. Together, we are reaching them and allowing Jesus to transform their lives.