Philippines Pastor Conference Update

June 12, 2024 |

Dear Faithful In Christ,

It gives us great joy to share our time in the Philippines was very productive! The three day conference was a great encouragement! The fellowship among the pastors was so refreshing and encouraging! Everyone was happy and refreshed!

A special thank you to our guest: Mike & Valerie Stanton, Randy & Magen Lincoln, and Lunden Martineau. They were a great blessing and were received with open arms!

A Birthday Celebration For Denise
While in the Philippines, Denise had her 66th birthday on June 3rd ! . She was very happy to share it with our family in the Philippines! Our Filipino family blessed her with special meals and wonderful fellowship!

While on this trip, we had the opportunity to visit 4 new churches that were recently planted. It was very encouraging to see many people coming to know Jesus and being discipled! It’s hard to put in words how grateful we are for all the Lord is doing in the hearts of the people! With a grateful heart, we say “to God be the Glory”.

New Church Planted in Pang-itan
New Church Planted in Pakwan
New Church Planted in Guinatuan
New Outreach Established in Batad to the Ati Community

The Ati’s are a very poor nomadic group and often looked down on due to their lifestyle of drinking and stealing. Many are coming to know Jesus and are breaking the old lifestyles. It was a blessing to sow the Good News with them in word and deed!

This was Randy & Magen’s first time to the Philippines and it was a joy to see them experience the new tastes, smells and sights of the Philippines! Here they are trying coconut milk from a fresh coconut. No, it wasn’t their favorite but they tried it! I think Randy’s favorite food was the barbecue on the stick! It’s my favorite too!

Bukidnon Tribal Center Outreach
Denise and I don’t have the words to describe the joy in our hearts for all the Lord is doing in the Bukidnon tribal people. Many are embracing Jesus, being discipled and sharing with others about their relationship with Jesus. New churches are being established in Bukidnon barrios unreached by the Gospel. To God be the Glory! The Tribal Center is making a great impact enabling new believers to be trained, discipled and sent to reach others. Your faithful prayer and support made this possible! With all our hearts, thank you!

We had the privilege to baptize many new believers of the Bukidnon tribe. What a blessing it was to celebrate their new life In Christ Jesus!

Special Gifts of Appreciation .

Denise and I were honored by the Bukidnon Tribal Leadership with very precious gifts that we will treasure forever.

Instruments that once were used to worship spirits are now being used to worship their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! The Bukidnon tribal are surrendering their lives to Jesus and their lives are being transformed from darkness to Light! Praise the Holy name of Jesus!

The Bukidnon children are now learning the Bible and quoted Scripture that was influential to them. What a blessing!!!

Badiangan Grace & Hope Development Center
It was a joy to see the completed facility in Badiangan. Hundreds of children are being ministered to weekly.

I apologize for this lengthy update, but I still haven’t covered all that was accomplished.

Denise and I just want you to know that your support is making a difference in the lives of many. We still have many churches to establish in unreached areas, orphanages to build and new believers to train. This would not be possible without you!