Our Teacher: the Holy Spirit

In 1979-1982, Denise and I finished Bible School, were ordained, went to Alaska to help a missionary get established, married and were on our way to the Philippines.
We had the determination to reach as many as we could to Jesus! Fresh out of Bible School, we were passionate, determined, inspired, and had a “can do” attitude.
Our first week in the Philippines was an eye opener. There were so many needs that pulled on us that it was overwhelming. After about two or three weeks of being bombarded with needs, the Lord told Denise and I to lock ourselves in our tiny apartment and to get a clear direction of what we were to do. We didn’t have the funds or resources to meet all the needs that were coming to us. It was overwhelming! We needed clear instructions. Well, we ask for instructions and that’s just what He gave us. He told us to go inside our room, close the door and to put away our Bibles that we had used during our time at Bible School and use a new Bibles that were not written in. The Holy Spirit said, “I am going to teach you what I want you to know.”
Our Bibles from school had notes written on most of the pages, scripture’s were highlighted, underlined and well used. But God our Father wanted to take the foundation that we had learned from school and teach us how to live it practically. And that’s just what the Holy Spirit did!
We are grateful to the Holy Spirit so much. He has been sent to teach us the ways of the Heavenly Kingdom and to give us wisdom to make right decisions. After our time with the Lord, reading the Bible again as if for the first time, we came out knowing what we were to do and not do. We knew who to help and not help. Things were clear and not overwhelming!
We must listen to and allow the Holy Spirit to do whatever He wants to do in our lives. Many times it will not make natural sense to do what He leads to do, but He is Spirit and is committed to growing us spiritually. Step out of your comfort zone and allow Him to do His work in your life. You don’t have to let life or ministry overwhelm you. Go to your secret place with the Lord and let Him give you His
Instructions! It is life changing and you will experience the reward and victory of receiving instructions directly from the Lord!
The vision and dream God has given you will require His wisdom and instructions to see it successfully accomplished. Be willing to lay aside ambition, success, self confidence and surrender to the Holy Spirits’ ideas. He knows exactly how it is to be done, where it is to be done and when it is to be accomplished! He will lead you every step of the way!
Get your Bible, go into your room, close the door and talk to Jesus. Don’t leave until you receive.