Write the Vision and Make It Plain

Dear Faithful in Christ,
Denise and I are grateful for all that was accomplished in 2022, but now we are to look ahead and see what the Lord wants accomplished in 2023.
The Bible tells us to "Write the vision and make it plain..." Denise and I are excited to share some of the opportunities that lay ahead of us. Most of the goals we have listed are clear but there are some that will need further instructions and clarification from the Lord. In His timing, all will be made known. Until then, we will run with what He has made clear.
Working together, we will reach the unreached, equip the saints for the work of the ministry, build short term and long term outreaches, plant and build new churches, and children's homes.
Listed below are some of the opportunities we will pursue this year. Your prayer and support will make this possible. They are not listed in order of priority.

Grace International 2023 Ministry Goals

  1. Build a third Children's Home in Tatgyigone Village, Myanmar for boys. ($45,000.)
  2. Provide a van for the Grace Myanmar Children's Home. ($7,000.)
  3. Build a Rescue Center (Home Of Refuge) in Myanmar. ($20,000.) A facility for children whose parents were killed by rebels. Home of Refuge will provide their needs until permanent living arrangements can be made for the children.
  4. Build a second Tribal Center for the Aklanon Bukidnan Tribe to train leadership in reaching the Bukidnan Tribal people located in the province of Aklan.
  5. Plant & build more churches. (It cost $1800 to send a church plant team of 15 persons to establish a new church and build a native church facility)
  6. Complete second level of Grace Church in Madalag and Grace & Hope Development Center in Badiangan.
  7. Pray for additional Affiliates for Grace Service Agency to further the outreaches to more countries.
  8. Complete Santa Rosa Ministry Compound in Peru.
  9. Build New church in Mexico.
  10. Build New church in Algre and in Tagbon Philippines. ($10,000. each)
  11. Raise up New Church plant teams.
  12. Provide ministry tools such as sound systems, musical instruments, teaching & evangelism materials needed to accomplish the work of the ministry.
  13. Write and distribute teaching aids for workers
  14. To organize Equippers International for equipping believers for the work of the ministry. (Stateside)
  15. Utilize internet opportunities for casting vision.
  16. Raise up Stateside GIWO Team Leaders who can coordinate International mission team trips.
  17. To trust the Lord with all our hearts, lean not to our own understanding and acknowledge Him in all our ways.

It is our joy to share with you some of what the Holy Spirit has put within our hearts. Our only purpose is to fulfill what is in His Heart! We are committed to using everything He brings into our hands for this purpose. The year 2023 will be a great year because He is great and greatly to be praised! Thank you for your prayer and support of the outreaches and Affiliates of Grace International!