Sitio Bakahan Church Construction

We are happy to share construction on the facility built in Sitio Bakahan Artuz Philippines is complete!

The new Believers in Sitio are grateful for a place to keep them out of the weather when they meet. New believers are being added daily and being discipled! Your support is making this possible. The Gospel is being taken to the unreached!

Restrooms in the mountains are usually a hole in the ground. We are grateful to the Lord for providing a real restroom for this new church. Not only a clean restroom, but concrete floors were provided also! What a blessing!!

This kitchen will enable The church to hold many events and prepare food for the community. This is a huge blessing to them!

We are grateful beyond words for all the Holy Spirit is doing in the lives of people around the world! It is the greatest honor in all the world to partner with Jesus  to reach the unreached!

2024 will be a fruitful year as we continue to reach those who need to know Jesus. It is a time of rejoicing as we plant the Seed of the Gospel in the hearts of men, women and children.

With all our hearts, Denise and I thank you for making this possible!