Construction on Grace & Hope Development Center in Badiangan, Philippines is Progressing!

Walls are going up! This facility is located in a very needy area where the Gospel is being greatly received. Many are coming to the Lord. House of Praise will not only serve as a church for the community, but is dedicated to reaching families and children with the Gospel. The first level is designed and being built to reach children with the Gospel. Outreaches to the community are being done weekly and many are coming to the Lord. The children need a place where they can be taught the Word of God and grow. That is why it is being called, Grace & Hope Development Center. This facility will enable many to be discipled and grow in the Lord and reaching others with the Good News of Jesus. Your support is making this possible!! Thank you for your faithfulness!

Your donation is tax deductible and may be mailed to: GIWO, P.O. Box 1952, Laurel, MS 39441 or you may donate online at:
Thank you dear friends for your help to making this vision become a reality!