Myanmar Grace Childrens Home

Our new project is to reach hundreds of abandoned children and youth in Myanmar (formerly Burma). We met Pastor Cin,a Myanmar pastor,in Vietnam about three years ago. Pastor Cin and his wife help children that have been abandoned due to poverty, HIV positive or parents killed in war. Currently, the children are living in a make shift shed with little shelter from the elements. As you view the above photos, you will notice their current home is severely damaged by termites and is also in a flood area.

Pastor Cin's church in Myanmar has raised funds from friends and businesses to purchase property (see photo) located in a safe, non-flood area. The property is paid for and permits have been granted and approved to build three children's homes. Our goal is to build two dorms in the Letpatansuh Village one dorm for the boys and one for the girls. Both dorms will share the same blueprint. Each dorm has a budget of $55,580.00. Each dorm will be built in 6 phases.

In Psalm 102:17, "He responds to the prayer of the poor and broken and will not despise the cry of the homeless."

You and I working together hand in hand, each doing our part, will enable God's dream for these children to become a reality. As you prayerfully give, know that you are also helping each child be a part of a large family that will provide them with a daily routine, provide education, build confidence and encourage the children and youth with the Word of God.