Guinatuan Church Facility Under Construction

Dear Faithful in Christ,
Denise and I are grateful for the opportunity to reach those who have not yet tasted the Goodness of God. In Guiatuan, a small barrio in the Philippines, many are coming to know Jesus. There are hundreds of small mountain barrio's like this one with no Christians. When the Good news of the Gospel is brought to them, they are responding giving their lives to Jesus. We rejoice to share this good news!

The church that was built is already full. The community in Guinatuan are responding to the Gospel and are eager to grow in their new relationship with Jesus.   We saw first hand the result of what Jesus was doing in their community!  Thank you dear friends for making this possible!

This is bro Julio, his wife Merlinda and family of four. Bro Julio is the Pastor of the newly planted church in Guintuan  and is doing a wonderful job.  The church needs to be completed, but more importantly is his housing that is built on the back of the church.  It is incomplete and must be finished.  This is a pioneer family in church planting and sacrifice to reach this community to Jesus.  It is not just a pastor, it is his family working side by side with him, sharing the same desires and goals to see people transformed by the Gospel.

Pictured on the left is their home for four persons. It consist of two rooms. The picture on the right is the kitchen. It is yet to be built. They are cooking on the ground fire. The restroom is what we call an "outhouse". It needs to be completed also.
With your help, we would like to enlarge their home and add another bedroom. The house is made of two by fours, plywood and bamboo for the flooring. We will add screens on the windows, a door and then paint. The kitchen needs to be enclosed and the cooking area completed. Behind their home is a fresh water well so they have plenty of fresh clean water.
The Bible says, as we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith. Gal. 6:10
The budget for materials and labor is $1800. This amount will also provide additional chairs for his church. Denise and I thank you with all our hearts for your prayer and support. Your donation, large or small is be an answer to prayer!
If you would like to help complete this construction, your support is an answer to prayer and greatly appreciated by Bro Julio and his family.

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The outreaches of Grace International are debt free and go forward as the Lord provides the resources through faithful supporters.