What is House of Praise Scholarship?
Through HOP Scholars, poor and deserving youths are given a chance to earn college or vocational/technical degrees to help them lift their families out of poverty.

HOPC Scholars is not just a Scholarship Program, it is a Leadership formation program...

Each scholar is not just expected to graduate but to become a LEADER in his or her community imbued with SELF-DISCIPLINE, MORAL INTEGRITY, and SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY.

HOPC Scholars prioritizes:

  • The disadvantaged youths
  • Those from the poorest family
  • Indigenous peoples
  • Victims of calamities

HOPC Scholars Modules three-point action:

  1. Leadership Engagement
  2. Holistic Formation
  3. Academic Excellence

Where will your Donation go?
A. Tuition and School Fee's
B. Books and school projects
C. Board and Lodging
D. Food Allowance
E. Transportation Expenses
F. Servant Leadership Formation

This year, we aim to start to help 5 deserving youths in our church. All it takes is $50 per month to support 1 Youth Servant Leader.

Your donation is tax deductible and an answer to prayer! Click here to view student sponsorship opportunities.