Aron Rogan

I am Aron Z. Rogan, 35 years old of age, was born December 198,married, with 3 sons and Youth Pastor of Banga Full Gospel Church. Taking up Bachelor of Science in Education Major in English. The reason why I choose this
course I want to enhance my skills in communication in English language and I love teaching not only in spiritual aspects but also in school.

My Personal Testimony

I'm very thankful to God for the calling that he put in my heart. I started my ministry service at
the age of 18 years old after I graduated in Bible School at Grace Missionary Training Center year

  1. Then I decided to married to my wife Laila D.Rogan year 2008. We started to serve God us
    partner in ministry in Camantigue House of Praise Bongabong Oriental Mindoro for almost 2 years but
    because of hardships in ministry we decided to go back in Aklan. Then we are reassigned again in
    Alegre Christian Community Church in Antique for almost 3 years.
    Again because of struggle in ministry I go back in Aklan. God is always good to me he put me
    again in ministry as Youth Pastor and Pastoral Staff in Banga Full Gospel Church( BFGC ) under
    Grace International Churches of the Philippines. Then I decided to continue my studies in Bachelor in
    Secondary Major in English not only for my family but also for God's glory. I know that I can use this
    opportunity to share the Gospel in Secular World and to become a professional teacher in the future.
    Thank you very much to God for using you to achieved my dreams.