Operacion HD: Claudio Cespedes

May 2024
This is a faithful saying, and these things I want to affirm constantly,that those who have
believed in God should be carefulto maintain goodworks. These things are good and profitable
to men. Titus 3:8 (NKJV)

I am Claudio Cespedes. Please allow me to introduce my family and ministry.
Our Family:
We are a family of five and we serve the Lord in the ministry of evangelism known as “Operation HD".
God called us to encourage the church to passionately fulfill the great commission.
Grace, my wife, is a woman who loves the work of God and her work is mostly dedicated to the
children in our local church. She is also a fundamental help in evangelistic activities although
physically she suffers with arthritis. But God’s faithfulness is truly evident in our lives as He
strengthens her to continue to serve Him. Our three children, Liel, Jacobo and Hanna, are in school
and are always willing to follow us where God calls us to serve Him. They are getting to know the Lord
and strive every day to submit to His will. Our greatest desire is that they fear the Lord with all of their
Our Ministry: By God ́s grace we have
been serving the Lord in evangelism for 17 years, currently in our local Baptist church, “Dios Esta
Aqui,” through evangelism, discipleship and children’s ministry in Sunday School and Bible Clubs.
This year a dining room is being implemented for the children who attend the club. We also work with
the ministry “Living Waters Latin America” as the ambassador in Lima.
This past year brought many opportunities to train believers to present the Gospel in a biblical way for
greater effectiveness in bringing people to Christ. Our plan is to give this training to other churches in
the greater Lima area as well as throughout other provinces of Peru.

Dear brothers,
We thank God for the opportunity to serve Him. Our God is Holy and His demands are very
high, but by His grace we are accepted in the Beloved. Now with great confidence and in
obedience to His Word we try to occupy ourselves with what is pleasing and gives glory to
God. We want to tell you some things that the Lord has been doing through us, His servants.
As some of you are aware, we have been working with different churches in Lima and Callao
in the preaching of the Gospel. As Operation HD (Making Disciples) missionaries and as
ambassador for Living Waters Peru, our passion is to INSPIRE and EQUIP the Church to fulfill
the Great Commission. Thanks to the Lord ́s help, the month of May has been very blessed.
By the grace of God, I was able to travel to the tropical city of Iquitos, my city of birth. As a
family we served there a few years ago. I thank God for the big spiritual family we have there,
because every time we go, the brothers receive us with great love. The purpose of my visit
was to encourage the brothers to remain faithful in the preaching of the Gospel and also to
share the work that we have been developing in the city of Lima with extension to all of Peru.
Also, this month we started the children's Bible Club in our church. Grace is in charge of
that. There are not many who are supporting the work with children, as yet, BUT GOD IS
FAITHFUL. For this year, 2024, we proposed to share lunch with those who attend the Bible
Club using funds from the church. Thank God, to date, He has provided for every lunch on
every Saturday. We have an average of 21 children faithfully attending the club. Many of them
come from non-Christian and mostly dysfunctional homes. Our goal is to share the Gospel
with the children so they can share the Gospel with their families. The task is arduous. since
they only hear from God and the Bible a couple of hours a week BUT we are seeing that His
Word does not return void, just as the Bible says. That encourages our hearts to move
forward. We know that this service will bear fruit a hundredfold. It is good to invest in the
lives of the little ones who will be used by God to shine wherever they are.
The Lord also allowed the scheduled conferences of the Living Waters Spanish ministry to
take place in the cities of Lima and Chiclayo. Thank God for the representatives of the
ministry who came as speakers from the United States and Mexico. Our beloved brothers,
Oscar Navarro and Luis Angeles were a great blessing to hundreds of people including
university students and leaders and pastors from different churches. The topics were
relevant to our lives today. Topics, such as the origin of evil on earth and abortion and
human rights must be answered forcefully by the Word of God, aiming at the defense and
purity of the Gospel and the hope that follows for those who come by faith to the Savior.
The last week of May we were at the Ministerial Training Center (CECAMI) of the BCM-PERU
ministry. This training center for future ministers of the Lord is located within a small town
called Picapiedra - Pachacamac in Lima. I was teaching “In the Steps of the Master,” a
training available to the entire community of Spanish-speaking believers. With the help of
our God, I fulfilled the mission as an ambassador representing the Living Waters ministry in
the city of Lima which is to PROMOTE the ministry in order to Inspire and Equip the body of
Christ for the fulfillment of the Great Commission. We thank God for this wonderful time
with the CECAMI students. They are very encouraged and enthusiastic about sharing the
Gospel biblically and effectively.
We also want to share with you a great blessing! Beginning in the month of July we will be
able to print here in Lima some of our innovative and effective ministry tracts and
icebreakers. Currently we are distributing them in small quantities to some churches here in
Lima. But the enthusiasm is very great and so is the expectation. Recently God provided the
funds and the printing service needed to do the job. Soon the churches in Lima and all of
Peru will be able to count on our evangelism resources. It is our prayer that the Church can
be increasingly equipped for preaching, and every day we will strive for that.
To finish, dear brothers, we would like to thank you for your constant prayers for all of us
and we also want to encourage you with the words of our beloved brother Paul in his letter to
the brothers in Corinth. This is not to question whether our love for the Church is
reciprocated or not; but rather, to bring to mind the love of our Lord that overwhelms us
with the truth that “it is better to give than receive.”
“And I will very gladly spend and be spent for your souls; though the more abundantly I love
you, the less I am loved.” 2 Corinthians 12:15 (NKJV)
Prayer requests

  1. For our family; that every day we can grow in love and obedience to God ́s Word.
  2. For our health; that the Lord will protect us and give us strength despite the physical
    limitations we have.
  3. For our economic support; (since we do not yet have it) that there would be people
    committed to us in supporting our ministry and family in a consistent manner.
  4. That God would provide for our children ́s school expenses.
  5. For the ministry's tract distribution project and other evangelism resources.
  6. For the children of the Bible Club; that they would know the Lord and learn to love and
    obey Him and so that, through them, their parents can hear the Gospel.
  7. That the Lord would open doors so that the Gospel can continue to be preached in Lima
    and all of Peru.
  8. For a car for family and ministry.