Tito & Nelida Hurtado

My name is Tito Hurtado, my wife is Nélida, and we have been married for twelve years.
We are missionaries in the Peruvian highlands, in the department of Cusco, in the city of Sicuani, which has 30 rural communities around it. We have three children, Camila (10), Joseph (7), and Joshua (4). We are involved in pastoral work, planting churches and reaching those who do not know God's love with the gospel, discipling believers and looking for ways to serve our community, feeding children in extreme poverty, helping them with school supplies and developing programs through which they can get out of poverty. Your prayers for us and our ministry. God bless you

Declare his glory among the nations, his wonders among all peoples.
Psalm 96:3

November Newsletter 2023

Dear brothers in Christ, I want to send you a fraternal hug from
my entire family, thanking you for your prayers and
unconditional support for our missionary work.
I am sending you my letter in advance, because the month of
December is coming with many changes and activities, which I
will tell you about during the course of this report.

My family, by the grace of God, is well, the Lord has kept and
protected us from all evil and danger. My daughter Camila (12)
finishes her primary school this year, and we are grateful to God
because she loves God and she supports us in missionary work
by evangelizing and supporting us with the teaching of young
children. Joseph (8) is playing drums in church and Joshua (5) is
very excited about Christmas, his favorite month of the year.

As I told you before, we will be starting a new church in the Pisac
district, that is why we have to move by the first week of
December. This is a Peruvian town located in the Cusco region,
Calca province, Písac district. It is located 30 kilometers from
the city of Cusco at an altitude of 2966 m asl. From the city of
Cusco to the district of Pisac, there is a distance of 1 hour by
road. In this place there is a very great spiritual need, since it is
a center of spiritualism, witchcraft, the new age, and mystical
religions, and there is no Baptist church in this place. So we
know that God is bringing us here for a divine purpose, after
much prayer.
We are also preparing, taking advantage of the Christmas
season, to evangelize in different places in Cusco, with a
Christmas evangelistic program, titled: “the real Christmas”,
accompanied by delicious chocolate and gifts.


This Christmas program will be presented in schools, churches,
streets and squares. We are planning approximately 10
We are also putting together an evangelism ministry called
“Passion for Christ.” This evangelism team shares the message
of salvation in the streets, markets and squares without fear
and with passion. We will be organizing activities in Cusco and
in the provinces next year.
The Word of God says:
How then will they call upon him in whom they have not
believed? And how will they believe in him of whom they have
not heard? And how can they hear without a preacher? And
how will they preach if they are not sent? (Rom 10:14,15)
My family and I just want to be useful instruments in the hands
of God. Our calling is until the last day of our lives, but we need
your prayers and support to move forward with the call God
has given us.
Prayer requests:
a. I ask for your prayers for financial support for the
missionaries who will work with me in this project of
founding a church in Pisac, and planning to open more
churches throughout Peru. They are the missionaries
Otiñho and Loyda Hurtado and Otto and Rosa Hurtado.
b. I ask for your prayers that God will provide us with a
suitable house to rent in Pisac, for my family; the family of
my brother Otiño Hurtado, and the provision for the
monthly payment.
c. I ask for your prayers, so that God provides us with all the
expenses for the move from Sicuani to Pisac.
d. I ask for your prayers for the 10 Christmas activities that
we will carry out, we require support for: prizes, toys,
panettone, milk, mobility, bibles, brochures.

We pray for you, your lives, your families and your personal
relationship with God. Blessings

For any missionary support:

Mision Grace International/ World Outreach